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Whether you are starting a new business and need as little as R500,000 in funding or whether you are embarking on a multi-million Rand project; JTB Consulting has seen it all.

Following are some Case Studies and Examples of Projects we have managed on behalf of our Clients.

Funding Approval Rate

Gearbox Manufacturing And Refurbishment

BUSINESS TYPE Manufacturing



  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing



  • Business Loan Application
  • Grant Application
  • Presentation to Venture Capitalists

LOAN AMOUNT US$15.7 million


The need for a well formulated value chain proposition in the manufacturing and refurbishment of gearboxes for the mining industry will be addressed by this company. As a newly established company, the entity seeks to transfer the available knowledge and technical know-how to the next generation of technicians in a bespoke Training Manufacturing facility, with specific focus on the manufacturing and refurbishment of gearboxes to the mining and related industries. The current supply of these specialised gearboxes is managed by foreign manufacturers selling to the local market. The establishment of this company will ensure the cost effective, locally produced gearboxes and related equipment to the local mining industry, thereby reducing high import cost (value proposition 1), creating local jobs (value proposition 2), training and retaining local talent (value proposition 3) and promoting local manufacturing of exceptional quality ‘Proudly South African’ specialised gearboxes (value proposition 4). Future endeavours will see the company expand into the rest of Southern Africa as well as implement an Export Strategy to take advantage of foreign markets.