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A Business Plan is an integral part of your entrepreneurial journey, and is perhaps the most critical document you will ever need.

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Was founded by Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl, opening its first store in 1971.

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We are South Africa’s leading Business Plan Company.

Writing a Professional Business Plan is essential and can often mean the difference between success and failure. Don’t take chances with your dreams. As South Africa’s leading Business Plan Company, we have been providing unique and world-class Professional Business Plans to both local and international clients since 2006. Let us elevate your probability of success. Let us take you to New Heights.

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So, you are a new entrepreneur or seasoned business owner that has come to a crossroad in your life. Let our team guide you on the right track.

We are Management Consultants that think like both Entrepreneurs and Investors. 

Every JTB Business Plan Consultant aims to present you with a comprehensive and unique Business Plan solution that correctly matches your exact expectations. We provide unique and professionally written Business Plans to small- and medium-sized companies and startup ventures that operate in South Africa and abroad.

Since our establishment, we have grown into the leading Business Plan Company in Southern Africa. We have assisted many new and existing companies in writing expert Professional Business Plans that attain results. Our focus is on providing customer-specific solutions. We do not offer an “off-the-shelf” service as we firmly believe that it is vital to walk side-by-side with a client throughout the Business Plan Writing process. We believe in personal contact and genuinely establishing a long-term business relationship with you. 

Our Business Plan Consultants take their work very seriously. To this end, we have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction and exceptional success rate not only because of the quality of our service delivery and documents we produce but also due to our hands-on approach to every Client. 

Clients can rest assure that we write our Business Plans in line with the extremely stringent criteria of both local and international investors. These include Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Commercial Banks [e.g., ABSA, Nedbank, Investec, Standard Bank and FNB], Small Business Finance Houses [e.g., Retail Capital and Business Partners], and Government Funding Institutions [e.g., IDC, NEF, and SEFA]. 

Our Professional Business Plans are Bank and Investor compatible and designed to serve as an excellent model and management tool as our clients develop and grow their businesses.

As the Leading Business Plan Consultants, our primary goal is to thoroughly understand your business model, the objectives for your business venture, and, most importantly, the vision you have. We aren’t just another Business Plan Company. We strive to provide valuable strategic input and practical advice throughout our engagement with you.

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Core services provided by JTB Consulting.

Start-Up Business Plan

Our Startup Business Plan Writing Service defines the steps for new businesses and covers standard topics including the company overview, product or service, market, industry forecasts, strategy, implementation milestones, management team and financial analysis.

JTB’s Startup Business Plan is a comprehensive, Investor-Ready Document that includes all the requirements of local and international banks, financial institutions, Government financiers, and private investors. We ensure that your Business Plan complies with all the criteria suggested by funding institutions. It contains everything needed to present to prospective investors and can be used for funding (business loan) applications.

Our Startup Business Plan Writing Service is ideally suited for clients at the following stages of their “Startup Journey”:

1. Discovery and Idea.
2. Product and Service Development.
3. Pre-Launch, Launch and Early Startup.

Strategic Business Plan

Our Strategic (or Operational) Business Plan Writing Service is provided to and used by existing businesses or large-scale niche projects. It focuses on high-level strategic decisions to expand a company’s market share, grow a company, or develop a new product or service.

The Strategic Business Plan can be used as an internal tool by the company’s management team and to support a funding application and investor presentation. Our Strategic Business Plan is a comprehensive, Investor-Ready Document that includes all the requirements of local and international banks, financial institutions, Government financiers, and private investors.

Our Strategic Business Plan Writing Service serves the needs of business owners who want to expand their businesses, enter new markets, and or increase market share. It is also ideally suited for niche projects/business ventures.

We ensure that your Professional Business Plan complies with all the standards suggested by funding institutions. All our Professional Business Plans are customised and written according to the unique requirements of both local and international funders.

Start-Up Canvas Business Plan

Capture your Business Model in as little as two pages.

The Startup Canvas is designed to start sketching initial thoughts and plans for a business idea. It’s a quick and easy way to write a Professional Business Plan. It’s a framework to define your startup easier and faster by Value proposition, Problem, Solution, Market, Team, Marketing Channels, Customer Segment, External Risks, and Key Performance Indicators.

Fast Compared to writing a Business Plan which can take several weeks or months, you can outline multiple possible business models on a canvas in a few days.

Portable A single page business model is much easier to share with others, which means it will be read by more people and more frequently updated.

Concise The Business Plan Canvas forces you to refine the essence of your product or service. You have 40 seconds to grab the attention of an investor during a metaphorical elevator ride and 10 seconds to grab the attention of a customer on your landing page.

Effective Quickly test if the rough numbers indicate an idea worth pursuing.


Understand the most vital aspects to consider when deciding which Business Plan Consultants to partner with.

A Business Plan is an integral part of your entrepreneurial journey, and is perhaps the most critical document you will ever need. Not only will you use it as a strategic guideline to manage your business, but you will need a Business Plan to present to various stakeholders, including banks, funders, suppliers, landlords, potential shareholders, investors, and many more. So, sifting through all the Business Plan Consultants and deciding who to partner with will be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

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JTB Consulting is South Africa's Leading Business Plan Company
"Going into business without a business plan is like going on a mountain trek without a map or GPS support – you’ll eventually get lost and starve!"
Kevin J. Donaldson | CEO of Real Wealth Solutions, Bestselling Author
JTB Consulting is South Africa's Leading Business Plan Company
"Proper business planning demands that you focus on the self-interest of the customer at all times."
Brian Tracy | Public Speaker and Self-Development Author
Top Business Plans by JTB Consulting
“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.”
Jeff Bezos | Founder and CEO of Amazon
Top Business Plans by JTB Consulting
"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart."
Sir Thomas Watson | Former CEO of IBM
We are JTB Consulting, SA's Number 1 Business Plan Company
"There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them."
Seth Godin | Author, entrepreneur, public speaker
JTB Consulting is South Africa's Leading Business Plan Company
"I talk a lot about taking risks, and then I follow that up very quickly by saying, take prudent risks."
Irene Rosenfeld | Former Chairman and CEO of Mondelēz International
Business Plan Writing by JTB Consulting
“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
Sir Winston Churchill | British Prime Minister from 1940-1945 and 1951-1955.