Startup Mistakes made by entrepreneurs

Startup Mistakes to Avoid – Here’s Our Top 10 for 2021

10 Startup Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 Startup mistakes, although common, is avoidable. So you have decided to start a business. You have an idea. Let’s say you want to be a carpenter. You print some brochures, some business cards, and take out an ad in your local community newspaper. You pay R15,000 for a

10 Reasons to be Careful of Consultants Using Business Plan Templates

Your Business Plan Template will be Rejected – 10 Reasons to be Careful

Business Plan Templates – 10 Reasons to be Careful of Cookie-Cutter Consultants A Business Plan Template will not help you on your business journey. In fact, a Business Plan Template can do more harm than good. Having a new business idea is great! But, without a business plan, or using a generic cookie-cutter business plan