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As of January 2024, our Business Plan Specialist team have assisted hundreds of Local and International Clients operating across 125 Disciplines, Industries and Markets located in more than 25 Countries and Regions.

Our Clients operate across various countries and regions. From Bloemfontein to Bahrain; Cape Town to Cyprus, Nelspruit to Nigeria; Upington to the USA; JTB Consulting is a Serious Business Plan Company that is the first choice of Serious Entrepreneurs.

Each of our Professional Business Plan models is industry-specific and tailored to the requirements of the Client on the one hand and the criteria of the financing institution on the other. Our tailored and industry-specific Business Plans are far more effective due to our local and international experience.

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Wind Energy

The Joint Venture specialises in turnkey energy solutions. The Joint Venture strategically seeks to partner with Wind Energy Project Developers to establish mutually beneficial business relations. The company supplies towers, wind turbines, blades as well auxiliary parts for the wind energy market. The Joint Venture provides complementary services in transportation, installation, service and maintenance in the wind energy industry.
Business Type Wind Energy
Stage of Business Existing
Country/Region/City Africa And China
Loan Amount US$34.2 million
Industry of Operation Renewable Energy, Wind Energy
Presentation to Venture Capitalists, Strategic Plan detailing a Growth and Expansion Strategy to the Company’s Shareholders
Business Plan Writer, JTB Consulting, Business Plan Company

Wedding Venue

This establishment is located in the West of Johannesburg and is an established venue that hosts large weddings and conferences. With a romantic country style setting to host a wedding or a conference away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still need the practicality of an accessible venue; this charming country-house, with its thatched roof and rustic setting, provides patrons with a tranquil feeling of being nestled in the countryside while still being close to major shopping centres and highways. Set against a glorious backdrop of African bush shrubs and quaint white pillars, this venue provides a brilliant photographic opportunity for a wedding album filled with treasured memories – a wonderful way to begin your wedded bliss.
Business Type Wedding Venue
Stage of Business Existing
Country/Region/City Gauteng
Loan Amount R2 million
Industry of Operation Travel and Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality, Wedding
Business Loan Application, Strategic Plan detailing a Growth and Expansion Strategy to the Company’s Shareholders
Business Plan Writer, JTB Consulting, Business Plan Company

Speciality Financial Services

The Company is a Fully-Fledged Credit Bureau in the broadest sense of the word. They provide bespoke Credit Bureau Products and Services to Consumers, SMEs, Government Institutions, and Large Banks, Retailers, Telecommunications Providers as well as Private Organisations. As a newly established organisation, obtaining a permanent place in the local Credit Bureau industry is their primary goal. The Company’s vision is to acquire national renown with the next three to five years. The organisation’s management team has direct knowledge of the industry, extensive management experience, and professional administration skills.
Business Type Credit Bureau
Stage of Business Early Start-Up
Country/Region/City South Africa
Loan Amount R15 million
Industry of Operation Financial Services, Consumer Credit
Business Loan Application, Strategic Plan detailing a Growth and Expansion Strategy to the Company’s Shareholders
Business Plan Writer, JTB Consulting, Business Plan Company
Business ServicesFinance

Speciality Asset Management

The business is a privately owned investment company specialising in exotic and rare game species, which offers its investors exceptional financial returns. An investor can now invest in different game species without being involved in the day-to-day management.
Business Type Asset Management
Stage of Business Start-Up
Country/Region/City Global
Loan Amount R8 million
Industry of Operation Financial Services, Asset Management, Exotic Game Breeding
Business Loan Application
Business Plan Writer, JTB Consulting, Business Plan Company

Speciality Agriculture

Crocodile farming is not a new concept. There are two big buyers of crocodile skins in South Africa. The first manufacture products such as handbags and shoes and the other exports the skins to International markets, to clients such as Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. It’s a niche market and fewer than 10% of skins manufactured in South Africa are sold here. Wet skins are sold abroad. Roughly 90% are absorbed by fashion houses in Europe and Japan, and the lower grades end up in the Far East. There is great demand for Nile crocodile skin, although the industry is highly susceptible to changes in the economy. The Company is an established and successful commercial Crocodile Farm based in South Africa. From the purchasing of the land and inception of the farm in 1997 to its present operational status, the current Shareholder has more than 18 years’ experience in the industry.
Business Type Crocodile Farming
Stage of Business Existing
Country/Region/City South Africa, Europe, Japan, Far East
Loan Amount R75 million
Industry of Operation Crocodile Meat and Skins, Leather Goods, Luxury Goods and Retail
Investor Funding Proposal, Acquisition of Business by a BBBEE Consortium, Grant Funding Application to the Department of Trade and Industry
Business Plan Writer, JTB Consulting, Business Plan Company

Solar PV Manufacturing

The company was created in the Renewable Energy Industry in 2013 with the primary objective of establishing a local, first of its kind hybrid manufacturing facility. The primary revenue channels of the company over the next five years will be derived from sales of Conventional Solar PV Panels and Solar Thermal Collectors, which are both proven, certified high quality products
Business Type Solar PV Manufacturing
Stage of Business Start-Up
Country/Region/City Africa
Loan Amount US$8.7 million
Industry of Operation Manufacturing, Renewable Energy
Business Loan Application, Presentation to Venture Capitalists
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