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JTB Consulting Business Funding
JTB Consulting Business Funding

Tailored business funding through our carefully selected Partner.

Another top-tier offering brought to you by JTB's unmatched expertise, insight and experience.

With our more than two decades of business planning experience and detailed understanding of what Funders and Investors look for when investing in business opportunities, we have partnered as an affiliate with a leading Merchant Capital Funding Provider. Although JTB Consulting is not a direct Funder, we have realised the critical need our clients have in securing quick and easy Short-Term Funding to assist with their cash flow, expansion and revamp/upgrade needs, stock purchases, bridging capital, equipment purchases and taking advantages of other opportunities. As such, we have scoured the South African Funding Landscape and partnered with a reputable Funding Provider that can solve this need of our clients.

Our Funding Partner’s extensive industry experience and industry knowledge, combined with what they know about the available funders in South Africa, is what allows them to fast track our clients’ funding needs through their network. They know all the industries that South African Funders like and don’t like. What businesses they fund and don’t fund. The cheapest and most expensive funding offers, the quickest and slowest approval rates, and the highest and lowest appetite for risk. We know who stack and doesn’t and who has the most difficult due diligence and the least. With this experience in partnership with our Funding Partner, they make getting funding for the clients of JTB Consulting a smoother and accelerated process.

How Much can you Potentially Qualify for? To make it easy for our Clients to see what they can potential qualify for, we have provided this interactive Cash Advance Calculator.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance? A Merchant Cash Advance is an unsecured turnover lending solution. Its a cash advance leveraged against business revenue and paid over short terms. Its purpose is to unlock working capital quickly and accessibly.

What are the Repayment Terms? Our Funding Partner works with multiple funders, offering a wide range of short-term solutions. The average deal terms range between 3-10 months, but in some cases, they can arrange facilities for 10 to 24 months as well.

What is the Cost? Merchant cash advances don’t operate on interest rates as they aren’t loans. The cost is typically labelled as a fixed fee or markup. Pricing varies depending on risk, term, and funder mandates

What are the Repayment Methods? Repayment methods vary depending on the funder, ranging from daily, weekly, or monthly collections via debit order. We offer flexible terms tailored to your business’s needs.

Do I need Security/Collateral? Merchant Cash Advances are unsecured, meaning no collateral is required. Your business revenue serves as the basis for the advance, eliminating the need for assets as security.

What is the Best Use of the Cash Advance? Cash advances are ideally suited to short-term needs, such as working capital solutions, business improvements, stock purchases, and cash flow management.

Which Funders do our Funding Partner Use? Our Funding Partner has partnered with best-in-class Merchant Cash Advance Funders. They specialise in working capital solutions. They only deal with alternative funders. This is important because JTB Consulting understands that our clients prefer the speed and ease to access funding versus dealing with the banks and other institutional funders’ low approvals, long turnaround times, securities, and tedious application requirements.

Easy Application Process.

The Funding Application Process won’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete. Easy, Fast and Saving You Time!

Step 1
Provide details of the directors/shareholders as well as the funding amount required.
Step 2
Answer the Preliminary Qualification Questions and provide details about your business.
Step 3
Provide references for your landlord (if leasing) and your top suppliers.
Step 4
Upload the required documents.
Step 5
Confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and submit your application.

Ready to fuel your business growth?

Use the links below to calculate typical values or to begin the application process.

Using our dedicated affiliate links to apply for business funding ensures that you receive exclusive benefits and priority service tailored specifically for our clients. By choosing our trusted partners, you gain access to competitive rates, customized financial solutions, and dedicated support throughout the application process. Our strong relationships with these affiliates mean that we can offer unique advantages that are not available through direct applications.


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