Hello Thommie,

Please find herewith my feedback on the company’s service delivery:

What was your overall impression of JTB’s service delivery?
The impression is very positive. All the process was easy, well organized. The questionnaire at the beginning helped a lot to put on paper all the ideas about the business, and consequently helped JTB to develop the Business Plan organised.

What was your impression of the Business Plan Consultant that assisted you?
Thommie has been very proactive since the beginning, always monitoring the developing of the Business Plan, keeping me updated about the progress. It has been an amazing path, up to the end of the job. Very competent, great understanding, very organised.

How did you find the standard of service delivery and quality of the documentation?
Perfect, easy to download with Dropbox. Perfect quality of the documentation received.

Did we manage to understand your business model?
Being in Italy, I think it was very easy having the Skype call, visually and talking we arrived immediately at the point.

Did we meet your expectations?
Definitely yes.

What was your impression of the additional information/market research we included in your document?
I think very interesting and useful, completing the picture of the Business Plan.

Would you recommend JTB to anyone else?
I already did.