When I got the business plan, I went through it and called my business partner and said to him “The money we paid for this business plan was way too little; it is worth more than R20,000”.

All the people I’ve showed the business plan to couldn’t believe what they saw. Some of them asked how long did it took JTB to complete the business plan and when I told them they said I was lying. They said it should take the whole year to do this kind of work. That’s how excellent your service and work is. Thank you. It was above my expectations.

The customer service I received from JTB was of high standards; from the beginning until the end I felt part of the business plan writing process. I’ve never worked with a business plan consulting firm before but after the work JTB did, I wouldn’t like to work with anyone else ever again.

They delivered the business plan as scheduled and the quality is of international standards. The business plan consultant communicated with me on a regular basis. I was always updated on what was happening and the progress of the business plan.

When I finally got the business plan it was way above my expectations. The consultant did a very good job. JTB understood my business model and helped me gain a greater understanding of it myself.

I would like to thank Dr Thommie Burger and the JTB team for the great work.

Words can’t describe how happy and satisfied I am. Please continue with your great work; this country needs people like you to help young people who have the desire to get into business and grow the economy of this country.