Dear Dr Burger,

JTB Consulting provided a very high quality service. The management consultant is definitely someone who is an expert in his field. Also someone who listens very well. Very friendly and helpful!

From the very first communication I could see that this company values integrity because in every single aspect, what they committed to, they definitely delivered! In terms of quality of the documentation, this is a living document JTB has created for me. A document that will always ensure that I keep myself and the business focused.

You not only understood my business model, and not only have you met my expectations, you exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

As mentioned in our last telephone conversation, I really value all the market research and additional free value-added services a lot! I mean, you went beyond than what I’ve asked for…

This additional information will assist me in strategic planning and decision-making going forward. I am so very glad I used your services.

I am a firm believer that you pay experts to create the things that you have limited knowledge of. Some people might think that the cost for this product is very high, or that anyone can create their own business plan or you can get templates from the internet to do it yourself.

I am so happy that I followed this route because now I am equipped with so many tools and valuable information! I would definitely recommend JTB Consulting. Thank you once again for all your support. I will definitely stay in touch going forward.