Dear JTB Team,

It was a fantastic experience working with JTB Consulting; Thommie’s reassuring manner and client engagement philosophy put me at ease from start to end. I was highly impressed.

Thommie was extremely professional; he offered the necessary guidance and support to ensure that our business plan would be completed within the required timelines. What I also found impeccable was his prompt feedback and consistent short turnaround times when communicating with us.

Phenomenal service delivery! 

The final product was professional, well-constructed and the additional market research was invaluable. I have the confidence to present our business plan to potential investors/funders or financial institutions.

Without a doubt, Thommie was able to comprehend our business model and offer additional insights in our marketing plan, customer retention strategy, etc.

My expectations were met and I am content with the overall experience and the end product. I was satisfied as the additional market research supported our proposition and assisted in creating a compelling business case for our targeted investors and funders.

I would definitely recommend JTB Consulting to anyone interested in investing in a professional and bankable business plan.