Dear Thommie,

My apologies for the late response, I am in the process to get 4Earth off the ground and I feel now is a bigger window than ever. There is a great demand for a bigger plant introducing waste to energy, material recovery, to name a few so hopefully there will be a lot of work coming your way in the near future. With this said, herewith my feedback on the Business Plan you prepared for me:

With a light wallet and great pressure to get a professional Business Plan out in a short amount of time, I am more than satisfied with what you were able to produce. Every bank, fund, organisation, or private individual I presented the 4Earth Business Plan to was astounded by the structure and overall professionalism of the document.

In time to come, when wallets are heavy, I do not see the need to move elsewhere. Thank you for your great work and arming me with EXACTLY what I needed; you have been a tremendous help.

Thommie, again my apologies for the delay in reply, I trust you and your family are safe and healthy over these precarious times.