Hi Thommie,

Herewith my feedback on JTB Consulting’s service delivery:

What was your overall impression of JTB’s service delivery? Excellent service…….should more service providers and businesses deliver this high standard of service, South Africa can grow and will grow to a world class business country with less unemployment.

What was your impression of the Business Plan Consultant that assisted you? Highly professional…world class…and easy to work with.

How did you find the standard of service delivery and quality of the documentation? Very high standard of service…deliver on time as promised…and keep promises.

Did we manage to understand your business model? That is what makes it so easy to work with JTB, because they understand business.

Did we meet your expectations? Yes, and much more.

What was your impression of the additional information/market research we included in your document? Impressive and much more than expected.

Would you recommend JTB to anyone else? Yes…my lawyer, bookkeeper and HR person went through the business plan and they all mentioned that it is of a very high standard and they will also recommend JTB to their clients.

Any other comments? Thank you very much Thommie for your help and service…It is always good to have reliable business friends and advisers to keep close to our business…that is what Dr Thommie Burger is.