Good day Dr Burger,

It was a pleasure doing business with you. See feedback below:

What was your overall impression of JTB’s service delivery?

JTB’s service was professional. From the onset, we were clear of how the process will unfold and what to expect by when.

What was your impression of the Business Plan Consultant that assisted you?

Dr Burger came across as experienced and approachable. He guided us throughout the process and responded promptly to all our questions.

How did you find the standard of service delivery and quality of the documentation?

Did we manage to understand your business model?
Yes, you managed to capture our business model properly. In fact, some of the questions that we were asked in the questionnaire got us thinking.

Did we meet your expectations?
Yes. We also like that you added other aspects such as the “what if” scenarios.

What was your impression of the additional information/market research we included in your document?

Our business is fairly new in our territory, so we did not expect much from there. The comparative research from other territories came in handy.

Would you recommend JTB to anyone else?
Yes, we would.