Dear Dr. Burger,

This has reference to my previous email. Herewith my feedback to your Service Experience Questionnaire:

What was your overall impression of JTB’s service delivery? My first good impression of JTB Consulting was formed in 2006 during our first contact when the business plan for my new business venture – Private Document Storage – was developed by your company. I was impressed then and I still remain impressed with our current business plan. Your service delivery Sir is truly a par excellent professional service.

What was your impression of the Business Plan Consultant that assisted you? JTB Is a professional organisation and it is my supposition that the professionalism and ethos of your company permeates every element of the enterprise.

How did you find the standard of service delivery and quality of the documentation? The standard was excellent and maintained after 10 years of JTB Consulting’s existence. My partners and I remain impressed with the quality of the documentation.

Did we manage to understand your business model? From what I have seen and read the business concept and the model was understood. The document is filled with new business terms that require studying on my part to understand and improve my financial literacy.

Did we meet your expectations? My partners and my own expectations were met and exceeded. I believe that my partners will also recommend our own clients to JTB for the same services.

What was your impression of the additional information/market research we included in your document? A pleasant surprise and also very helpful to support our business case to our clients

Would you recommend JTB to anyone else? Our company is a project development company in energy and mining and in the course of our business we meet with many clients that require professional business plans. We intend on recommending JTB to them.

Any other comments? Thank you very much for your availability and delivery when the changes were required on short notice. We appreciate the prompt response and the professional services you offered to our company.