The service from JTB consulting has been great, efficient and was more than expected. The time frame it took to complete the business plan was on par with expectations made, not one day short; that was very impressive. The Business Plan Consultant that assisted me was great. He took me through all the steps to ensure that I have a viable plan and that whatever I do I will get funding for it. I received great advice along the way that helped me to be realistic and end up with a proper business plan.

With regards to the overall standard of JTB’s service delivery and the quality of the documentation … I was pleasantly shocked! The depth of the research that was offered and the meticulous business plan provided by the JTB team helped me to understand the market and all the factors to consider. The GDP of the country is stagnating and this helps me to ensure that when I pitch to the banks I know all these factors and what I need to do as an entrepreneur to mitigate the risk.

JTB definitely managed to understand my business model. Your financial model was great and easy to understand. Coming from a finance background, it was very easy to understand.

Did you meet my expectations? For sure! I have no words to describe it, All my expectations were met and more. It was great value for money.

I will ABSOLUTELY recommend JTB!!! I would like to thank you so much for all that you have done – Thommie and your team – I have no words to describe my gratitude.