Good Morning Thommie,

Herewith my answers to your questions:

What was your overall impression of JTB’s service delivery?

Service delivery was right one time and in line with estimated delivery dates. We are extremely happy with your provided services, your professionalism and assistance.

What was your impression of the Business Plan Consultant that assisted you?

Thommie assisted us in his own capacity. I can gladly say that Thommie was able to grasp our culture, our requirements, our weaknesses and our strengths from day 1 of our engagement. Thommie always kept us in the loop with regards to the progress of the project and gave us a feeling that he really cared about our business and our future.

How did you find the standard of service delivery and quality of the documentation?
Excellent and very professional! The quality and the layout of the Business Plan, as well as all the guidance from Thommie, exceeds our expectations!

Did we manage to understand your business model?
Completely. It is totally in line with what we wanted to achieve.

Did we meet your expectations?

What were your thoughts on the free value-added services we provided to you?
Thommie and his team assisted us right from the start. During our first meeting, I mentioned to Thommie that there will be delays throughout the process. These delays were caused by our business due to organic growth, staff turnover and new business ventures. Thommie and his team still managed to overcome these delays and kept us in the loop with all communications and a clear understanding and visibility of the progress of our project.

What was your impression of the additional information/market research we included in your document?

The additional information was right on target and spot-on with our industry, our current situation and the path that we hope to take for the future.

Would you recommend JTB to anyone else?
Most definitely!

Any other comments?
Thanks for all your assistance Thommie!