JTB Consulting is honourable, professional and a company striving for success. From the onset, Thommie assured me of the credibility of JTB Consulting as I have been scammed in the past. He was great and the overall service I received from JTB Consulting was excellent. The standard of service delivery as well as the business plan quality is EXCELLENT!!!

Your understanding of our business was excellent … “spot on”! You guys really met our expectations. The additional information you provided to us as a value added service as well as the market research is the most fascinating part of my business plan … great market research. Thank you so much. I will absolutely, without a doubt, recommend JTB Consulting. Thommie – thank you to you and your team of consultants for the great service we received from JTB Consulting. JTB Consulting is worthy of its reputation for EXCELLENCE and making dreams come true.