Hello Dr. Thommie,

We first of all wish to thank and applaud you deeply for this work done and the market research.

The partners are all amazed and as a matter of fact we have taken it upon ourselves as a challenge to bring this business to life. In as much as we are capable of running the business, you have gone an extra mile to make it even very easy.  We want to make you proud of this intellectual research work you completed for us.

JTB’s overall service delivery was amazing and professional. The communication was excellent and valuable information was passed on to our team. The Business Plan is of Top Quality and well beyond our expectations. Thank you for going well beyond what we expected. The information you provided and market insights was very educational and informative. We will not hesitate to recommend the team at JTB Consulting.

As a way forward, I would appreciate it if we schedule another call session and discuss the way forward.