JTB’s service delivery has been amazing. Looking at the amount of work that JTB did in a space of 2 weeks is amazing.

The business plan document is comprehensive and impressive. I worked with Thommie in delivering this business plan and his knowledge of the industry was wonderful. In our initial consultation discussion, he was asking the relevant questions that I was expecting from him. JTB promised a high standard of service and quality and they over-delivered on their promise. The experience of the JTB Team was evident in the final output (business plan). The initial discussion with Thommie proved to me that JTB knew what they were doing and they understood what I was looking for. You guys under-promised and over-delivered. You met my expectations. We couldn’t have gotten any better research material from anywhere else. The research you did for us is straight to the point and it is what any investor is looking for. We would definitely recommend JTB to others, in fact, we have done this already.

You guys have done work that we are so proud of and I would like to thank Thommie for quick responses to my questions and queries. For me, that was impressive!!