Business Valuation 101: Easy Advice to Determine the Value of your Business

Business Valuation

Are you selling part of or your entire business? Perhaps you are looking to buy a business? If you are selling your business, make sure you do not lose out on all the years of hard work and sleepless nights you have put in by pricing it too low. And if you are buying a business, gain confidence that you are not overpaying for the asset.

SWOT Analysis and 50 Urgent Questions to Ask

50 Urgent Questions to Ask in your SWOT Analysis

Every business owner should conduct a regular SWOT Analysis to assess the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in relation to its competition. A SWOT Analysis helps evaluate where a company stands in a competitive market and what steps need to be taken for further strategic planning, helping decision makers draw a future roadmap for the company.

11 Best Tips on How to Write a Value Proposition

Look at any well-written Business Plan and you’ll see a section called "Value Proposition". How can an entrepreneur create a compelling value proposition?

Look at any well-written Business Plan and you’ll see a section called “Value Proposition” – and this is normally one of the key questions investors have from entrepreneurs and how this value proposition will solve a problem for your intended customer. 

The 4 Best Times to Borrow Money for your Small Business

To borrow money as a small business can be a daunting task. When is the best time? Read here to see the 4 Best Times to Borrow Money as a Small Business.

Small business owners face many challenges when they apply for loans, but sometimes, the biggest mistake and challenge is of their own making. If you wait until you urgently need financing to start looking for a lender, you’ve waited too long.

Lockdown Nightmare and 8 Honest Tips on Starting a Business Now


With all the negativity surrounding us due to the major impact COVID-19 has had on our economy, I want to believe that new businesses will emerge during and after the lockdown. South Africans are a resilient bunch and NOW may be the best time yet to start a business. The economy is in shambles. The currency is worth less than toilet paper. And companies are retrenching. So what else could go wrong? Why not create your own destiny. Create your own job in starting your very own business.

12 Personal Branding Mistakes To Avoid As An Entrepreneur

12 Personal Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Consumers, now more than ever, feel they need a stronger connection with the companies they engage with. Personal branding and how you represent your business are vital considerations in today’s market. How you come across and are perceived are more important than just a logo and a tag line. Personal branding can’t be ignored.

22 Free Marketing Ideas for 2021

22 Free Marketing Ideas

Very little in life is free. So if you can get free marketing ideas, you might be sceptical. Whether your business is still new or well-established, large, or small, you need to tell people about it, and that means marketing (and advertising).