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Need to Reach New Heights in Your Business? JTB Consulting can Help!

Need to Reach New Heights in Your Business? JTB Consulting can Help!

Dr Thommie Burger is the Founder of JTB Consulting
How JTB Consulting Can Help Your Business Reach New Heights

JTB Consulting is the #1 Business Plan Company in South Africa. As our society around us continues to strive for progress, various aspects of our world only tend to follow suit and not get left behind.

This is most certainly the case in terms of how our economy operates. Businesses each aim to grow and improve as time goes on to attain success for themselves as a brand and the employees that work within it. As this is the main goal for practically all companies and enterprises, it is common to see some companies fall to the wayside due to the steep competition surrounding them.

But unfortunately, not everyone can keep up, despite providing a great service or product. It is here where JTB Consulting can help, as we aim to provide businesses with an opportunity to grow and succeed within their industry by implementing one or a combination of our many different services.

Our Business Plans are one of the main services we provide that can directly help in this endeavour. By creating business plans for startup and existing companies alike, we provide them with the necessary steps that need to be taken as a business, which covers various concepts such as market analysis, industry forecasts, products and services, strategies moving forward and more. In addition, depending on how far your business has already come and what you want to achieve, we give the option of Startup, Strategic, and Startup Canvas business plans.

Another service we provide is Financial Projections, which is included in all our business plans. With financial projections at your side, it helps businesses convey ideas using numbers with confidence. This also allows you to see your data presented in a new light, providing new perspectives while giving detailed charts and dashboards for expenses, revenue, payroll and other key reports. The best part is that we at JTB Consulting understand that not everyone has a knack for numbers and compiling data together in a legible and presentable format, which is why we also design and calculate accurate financial reports, which include topics such as cashflow, account receivables and payables, projected revenue, operating expenses, and far more.

One of our other leading services that we provide is Investor Pitch Decks. We know that one of the most effective ways of ensuring a business’s longevity within its industry is to seek out investors that are committed to seeing their success. This is no easy feat, however, as you need to provide a presentation that showcases a professional overview of your business plan in a way that is brief while still portraying the idea, team, and concepts behind your business. Your investor pitch deck is often presented to potential investors, your customers, partners and co-founders. It presents a condensed alternative to your complete and lengthy business plan.

While we could only cover three of our services within this article, JTB Consulting provides plenty more, such as Market Research, Business Valuation, Proposals, and SME Coaching. So give us a call to get started today. You can also connect with JTB Consulting on LinkedIn and see how we can help you; reach new heights!

Established in 2006, we have successfully written hundreds of bankable and world-class Business Plans for clients across 25 countries. As South Africa’s Leading Business Plan Company, we are confident that we would be able to assist you too. Kindly note that we also offer “Investor Pitch Decks”, “Excel-based Financial Models”, and “Proposal/Tender Writing Services” in addition to our Custom Business Plan Writing Service. Please visit our Services page for more information.

We look forward to being of service to you. Please feel free to contact our Founder, Dr Thommie Burger, on +27 79 300 8984 should you have any questions. He is also available via email and LinkedIn.

JTB – Your Business Planning Partner.

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